12 cord kite flying thread, 900 meter thread

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    12 cord kite Fighting Special Manjha.

    1000 meter long.

    Unbeatable Stuff

    Good Fiber spool with Metal handles which makes it very robust.


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    Weight 430 g
    Dimensions 45 x 12 x 12 cm
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    1. Best Quality of manjha for Kite fighting Specially for those who never compromise with the quality : Choice of winners

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12 cord kite flying thread , Most popular kite flying Thread.

12 cord kite fighting thread

1 reel charkhi / Firki.

900 meter long ,

12 cord kite flying thread

fiber spool with steel handles.

You can fly kites of all sizes with this thread. If you are planning to fly large kites in heavy wind conditions do cover your fingers with safety tapes to avoid cuts. you can use any kite cutting technique using this thread as it works fine with different kite fighting techniques.

  • This thread will last long if you are just flying kite and not loosing much thread with your kite getting cut by other players
  • If you are indulging into heavy kite fighting like we do here in India and Pakistan it will last for few hours as it has got only 1000 meters of thread and with each kite getting cut you will loose some meters of thread.
  • this spool is very easy to handle thanks to its lighter weight . Only fiber and steel pipe is used to make this so its light weight and strong at the same time.

good quality and value for money product for kite flying during uttarayan or any other time.

  • The thread used to make this Manja is Vardhman Panda 5 thread . Vardhman thread are very good to accept the manja coating and that makes them very popular among manja makers across the world.
  • Manja makers from Ahmedabad Bareli Karachi Lahor all prefer vardhman Panda thread to Make Manja.
  • we do not offer color option to you as it gets very complicated for us to manage inventory so sorry for that.
  • we ship our manja well packed so that it will reach you safely .
  • Shipping time is 6 to 15 working days generally.
  • IF you need express shipping please whatsapp us on +91 9824302166 or email at patangdori@gmail.com

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